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Welcome to Las Positas Golf Club in Livermore, California, where the timeless sport of golf harmonizes with the captivating presence of local wildlife. Prepare for an extraordinary round amidst the scenic beauty of the Livermore Valley.

As you explore Las Positas Golf Club, be mesmerized by the graceful flight of Turkey Vultures soaring high above, the elusive Coyotes weaving through the natural landscape, and the tranquil sightings of Green Herons gracefully perched along the water features. Keep a keen eye out for the clever Red Foxes, navigating through the lush surroundings, adding a touch of wild allure to your golfing adventure.

Las Positas Golf Club is more than just a golf course—it's a sanctuary for local wildlife. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in our course design, which provides essential habitats for diverse wildlife populations. These habitats not only enhance the natural beauty of the course but also contribute to the ecological balance of the area.

Drawing water from sustainable sources, such as the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta, local aquifers and recycled water, underscores our dedication to responsible water management practices aimed at minimizing our environmental footprint. By utilizing these resources efficiently, we actively contribute to the preservation of the delicate ecosystem that surrounds us.

Immerse yourself in the golfing experience at Las Positas Golf Club, where each swing is accompanied by the beauty of Livermore's diverse wildlife. Enjoy a round that transcends the game, creating lasting memories surrounded by the natural wonders of Las Positas Golf Club.



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